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Meteor 3.0 Migration Guide

You are reading the migration guide for Meteor 3!

This is a live document which will be updated as development progresses.

This guide is for users with Meteor 2.x projects understand the changes between Meteor 2.x and Meteor 3.0. It's not required to read this guide before starting with Meteor 3.0. To learn Meteor 3.0, we recommend reading the new documentation.

What's the status of version 3.0?

Meteor 3.0 is currently in its Release Candidate (RC) phase, a nearly final version ready for final testing ahead of the official launch.

Latest version: 3.0-rc.4
Node.js version: 20.12.2 LTS
NPM version: 10.5.0

How to try Meteor 3.0?

You can create a new Meteor 3.0 project by running the command below:

meteor create my-new-project --release 3.0-rc.4

How to upgrade from Meteor 2.x?

You can upgrade your Meteor 2.x project by running the command below inside your project folder:

meteor update --release 3.0-rc.4
meteor reset # resets project to a fresh state

If you are upgrade from an older version of Meteor, you might have a different MongoDB driver version. If you encounter issues, consider clearing the local database.

meteor reset --db # resets local db

Also, it's a good idea to completely remove node_modules and the package-lock.json before running meteor npm install:

rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json
meteor npm install

Which will install the necessary packages using the latest Node.js version from Meteor 3.

What this guide will cover?

This guide covers the necessary topics for migrating your application from Meteor 2.x to Meteor 3.0, including:

External Resources

We are aware of these articles and guides to assist with your migration:


Migrating apps to Meteor 3.0:

If you have a migration guide, either in video or text format, please share it with us to include here.